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Highlands Remote Farm

Overview Our client, Kate Elliot and her husband Robert have lived together off-grid in the Scottish Highlands for over 25 years. Robert was born ...

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Gally’s Farm

    Overview Gally’s farm is a polo, livery and stud yard who required a full UPS system to make the whole farm off-grid. A ...

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Otmoor Farm

Overview Having built a new house on the property, they realised the old generator was not going to provide them with enough power and so ...

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Case Study – Cotswold Farm Park

    Here we take a look at how Adam Henson and Duncan Andrew managed to reduce fuel and maintenance costs by 80%. Famous for their ...

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Case Study – Casa Moginar Spain

    In mid-2010, Paul Gawith, a property developer, found an incredibly picturesque location and decided to build the perfect Spanish ...

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Case Study – The Duke of Portland Boathouse

    The Duke of Portland Boathouse provides a unique and secluded location, sitting directly on the northeastern tip of Lake Ullswater ...

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